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About Us

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About Atpsco

َAtieh Pardaz Engineering Company was established in 2009 with a focus on industrial automation and instrumentation

After that, relying on the efforts of his experienced and young force, he was able to  in various industries, including oil and gas, steel and machinery industries, to design and intelligent production lines

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In 2012, the senior managers of this complex set goals in the field of production of products with high level of technology and this collection was able to market a variety of products in its field of activity

In 2015, due to the interest of the collection in the field of sports and medical equipment, Atieh Pardaz team designed and marketed the first blue treadmill in the Middle East.

Research and Development Department
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In this unit, the initial ideas are examined and the design team prepares the final design of the product

Department of Production
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The production team is responsible for all matters related to the manufacture, assembly and packaging of products

Marketing and Sales Department
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Follow up on all matters related to negotiating with customers, concluding contracts and attending seminars

After-sales service department
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This department is responsible for 24 hours a day for customers and all installation, replacement and repair affairs

Customer satisfaction

Customers are the company's biggest asset

Quality in construction

High quality products are our biggest goal


Design of all products taken from the highest level It is creativity


24 Hourly support

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