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Feryal Underwater treadmill

Muscle building and weight loss

Water inertia causes muscle building and burns four calories Is equal to the state without water

Apply temperature changes

Possibility of temperature changes depending on the type of disease and injury, 40-0 ° C

Why water?

Buoyancy :
  •  Reduce painful joint and muscle pressure
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increase body stability
Hydrostatic pressure:
Temperature :
. surface tension :
.Water resistance :

Bnefits of Atieh pardaz underwater Treadmills:

. Water height adjustment:

Possibility to change the height of the water up to 125 cm

. Full user control in a blue environment:
. Access to a smart water environment anywhere:
. The most advanced water treatment system:
. The lightest model designed and manufactured in the world:

 Different in services

All products of the company have
One year warranty

Atieh Pardaz, relying on its experienced staff,It offers after-sales service to its esteemed customers without any restrictions And according to the company's high goals, customers are part of the company's large family

24-hour support

Free installation

10 Year of after-sales service

our products

Be different with us

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